Predrag (Yugoslavia, 1974) lives and works in the Netherlands. He is a visual artist, who uses the range of mediums and techniques (painting, drawing, printmaking, installations, sculpture, poetry/micro-narratives). Predrag is researching the influence of the technology on our individual and collective identity, and on our present and future cultural context. Currently, this interest is reflected in the research of the artificial intelligence as a creative agent, and the possibility of a collaborative creative process involving human and AI. Furthermore, he uses the tension between the material and the virtual as a platform for the phenomenological discourse about materiality-potentiality (object-idea).
Predrag is a founder of art+tech studio STRUQT, a member of the Governing Board of ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia) and MENSA.
:: Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design
:: BA (Hons) Middlesex University / SAE

Awards & recognitions:
:: Featured by Saatchi Art in a collection
:: Painting ‘Threshold’ won 2017 ArtSlant Prize Second Showcase in the Abstract category
:: Anthropos, Art book
:: AI as a creative agent in the artistic process
:: Richter vs. Richter: The visual journey through the collective unconscious
:: The value of glitch: Process vs syntax and other intricacies in glitch art
:: Experimental glitch art software GlitchUp
:: sub.archives, Bureau Europa, Maastricht, Netherlands (9th July, 2020)
:: Anthropos, solo exhibition, Kunstmatrix [online] (July, 2020)
:: Playground for the Wild, Florida Maison, Hasselt, Belgium (2019)
:: ||||| (Five), De Gashouder Maastricht, Netherlands (2019)
:: NAAKT, Cultura Venray, Venray, Netherlands (2019)
:: Nulla Dies Sine Linea, Gallery 20/44, Belgrade (2018)
:: ANTHROPOS+Retrospektiva, solo exhibition, Beti Ford, Belgrade (2017)
:: Annual ULUPUDS Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2017)
:: Reflection, Beti Ford, Belgrade (2017)
:: 49th May Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2017)
:: The Future is Invisible, MAMDT Academy, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2017)
:: Annual ULUPUDS Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2016)
:: 48th May Exhibition, RTS Gallery, Belgrade (2016)
:: Piktum Annual Exhibition, Reziser, Belgrade (2016)
:: Earth to Heaven, Gallery 73, Belgrade (2015)
:: Annual ULUPUDS Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2014)
:: ULUPUDS members exhibition, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade (2014)
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