Predrag (Yugoslavia, 1974) lives and works in the Netherlands. He is a visual artist, who uses the range of mediums and techniques (painting, drawing, video/installations, sculpture, interactivity, code). Predrag is researching the effects of technology onto our individual and collective identity, with focus on how it influences/changes the role of the artist or the designer in the future. Currently, this interest is reflected in his research of the artificial intelligence as a ‘creative prosthesis’, and the possibility of a collaborative creative process involving human and AI. Furthermore, he uses the tension between the material (analogue) and virtual (digital) as a platform for the phenomenological discourse about materiality-potentiality (object-idea).
His creation process is full of struggle, but rewarding, leading to new questions, opening new subjects to explore.
He is a member of the Governing Board of ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia), SIGGRAPH and MENSA.
Awards & recognitions:
:: Featured by Saatchi Art in a collection
:: Painting ‘Threshold’ won 2017 ArtSlant Prize Second Showcase in the Abstract category
:: Richter vs. Richter: The visual journey through the collective unconscious (on
:: Experimental software GlitchUp, published on and
:: Playground for the Wild, Florida Maison, Hasselt, Belgium (2019)
:: ||||| (Five), De Gashouder Maastricht, Netherlands (2019)
:: NAAKT, Cultura Venray, Venray, Netherlands (2019)
:: Nulla Dies Sine Linea, Gallery 20/44, Belgrade (2018)
:: ANTHROPOS+Retrospektiva, Solo Show, Beti Ford, Belgrade (2017)
:: Annual ULUPUDS Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2017)
:: Reflection, Beti Ford, Belgrade (2017)
:: 49th May Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2017)
:: The Future is Invisible, MAMDT Academy, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2017)
:: Annual ULUPUDS Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2016)
:: 48th May Exhibition, RTS Gallery, Belgrade (2016)
:: Piktum Annual Exhibition, Reziser, Belgrade (2016)
:: Earth to Heaven, Gallery 73, Belgrade (2015)
:: Annual ULUPUDS Exhibition, SKC Gallery, Belgrade (2014)
:: ULUPUDS members exhibition, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade (2014)
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